Picup joins forces with Depart

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Picup joins forces with Department of Social Development to deliver 17 000 food parcels

Picup assisted with the distribution of approximately 17 000 food parcels by commissioning its crowdsource driver network to distribute up to 500 food parcels a day.

Picup joins forces with Depart

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Picup recently partnered with the Department of Social Development of the Western Cape Government to assist with the distribution of about 17 000 food parcels in the region.

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) initially started the food parcel programme in April and made emergency funding available to support residents during lockdown.

The social relief of distress (SRD) grant was a temporary provision “of assistance intended for persons in such dire material need that they are unable to meet their or their families’ most basic needs”.

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Several organisations joined forces with the DSD to distribute food parcels, including Picup, Shop2Shop, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Mustadafin Foundation, Red Cross and Islamic Relief SA.

Picup commissioned its crowdsource driver network to distribute between 400 to 500 food parcels a day, which was fully funded by government and closely supported by the wonderful NGOs in the Cape.

In addition, Shop2Shop supplied the food parcels while Picup ensured the parcels reached those who needed it the most. Trucks were used to deliver to community centres in areas like Beauford West, Knysna and Mosselbay.

According to Picup CEO Antonio Bruni, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also assisted in the distribution of the food parcels by designing “the new process and [solving] some of the challenges”.

One of the challenges was to ensure proof of delivery at the beneficiaries’ doors, and that’s where Picup could truly make a difference. Antonio Bruni adds:

“We are honoured to be able to assist with the supply and distribution of food parcels, to people in need, across South Africa during the National Lockdown. It forms part of the Picup COVID Relief Initiative”.

Picup was the perfect fit for deliveries in unknown areas in townships as its crowdsource driver network has extensive experience of delivering in these areas. This was a huge victory for its drivers as they had to overcome some serious security risks whilst delivering a scarce commodity in dire times.