Get to know this charming little animal in today’s instalment of furry fun facts! Image: Canva

Furry Fun Fact of the Day: The cutest animals in the wild

Discover daily furry fun facts. Whether adorable or kind of gross, our pets never cease to amaze us. Join us in exploring their world!


Get to know this charming little animal in today’s instalment of furry fun facts! Image: Canva

Welcome, fellow pet enthusiasts to today’s furry fun fact!

Pets can do all sorts of crazy – and wonderful – things, can’t they? We bet you discover new things about them on a daily basis.

Have you ever heard of a singing dog for example?

Join The South African website as we set out to learn fascinating – and often humourous – fun facts that set our pets apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Discover things about these bundles of joy that will leave you chuckling and wondering if they’re not little humans in disguise!

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This is how otters sleep – and it’s so cute!

Otters engage in an adorable behavior when they sleep: they “hold hands” to prevent drifting apart.

This endearing habit helps them stay close to one another while resting.

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