Introducing a new app CatsMe!

Introducing a new app CatsMe! Image: Pixabay

New app uses AI to spot cat pain

Introducing CatsMe, a revolutionary new application that uses AI to detect signs of pain in our feline friends…

Introducing a new app CatsMe!

Introducing a new app CatsMe! Image: Pixabay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in the world of pet care. A new app developed in Japan by vets and developers can now analyse your cat’s face to detect signs of pain.

CatsMe!: Using AI to Read Your Cat’s Face

Careology and researchers at Nihon University created the app called CatsMe! It uses an impressive database of 6,000 cat pictures to train its AI, achieving an accuracy rate of over 95% according to the developers.

CatsMe!: A Tool for Cat Owners

As per Sky News, Professor Edamura, head of the Animal Medical Centre at Nihon University, acknowledges that vets can often identify pain in animals, but for owners, it can be a challenge. “Over 70% of senior cats suffer from arthritis or pain,” he explains, “yet only 2% of them end up at the vet. This app isn’t intended as a definitive diagnosis, but rather a tool to raise awareness amongst owners about whether their cat’s behaviour is normal.”

A Growing Trend in Japan

Since its launch in Japan last year, CatsMe! people have downloaded it over 230,000 times. Mayumi Kitakata, a Tokyo cat owner, uses app to monitor 14-year-old Chi for health issues. Being able to consult the vet while reducing unnecessary trips to the clinic is fantastic for both of us.”

Pet ownership in Japan is booming! The Japan Pet Food Association estimates there were nearly 16 million pet cats and dogs in the country last year. They are surpassing the number of children under 15. This trend creates a need for innovative pet care solutions, and CatsMe! steps in to offer a valuable tool for concerned cat owners.

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