Best Toys and Spoils for your Fur Baby! Image: Supplied

Best Toys and Spoils for your Fur Baby!

We look at the OG of toys, and the hidden spoils you did not know you needed in your bag of treats for your Fur Baby!


Best Toys and Spoils for your Fur Baby! Image: Supplied

What is better than new toys? Some human kids as well as the fur kids could possibly say the box! Trying to spoil your Fur Baby with the latest technology can end up with a pricey toy in a million pieces! Have we forgotten about the joy that is found in the simplest of items that are engaging and keep the whole family fit? 

BKC Pet is a Boarding Kennels and Cattery with years of experience in pet care which also happens to be on the same premises as PETport Johannesburg. We look through 

Gummy bone toys

A new puppy can be an incredible addition to the family but having the basics for stimulation and a distraction can be the perfect accessory in your training arsenal. Remember you run the household, so you need to make sure your new family member understands what a chew toy is, and NOOOO your new Nike trainers are not!

A gummy bone with a minty flavour is perfect for a new pup to sink their little teeth into. This malleable accessory makes sure that their teeth are protected while sorting out that stinky doggy breath. These gummy bones range in sizes and flavours and are perfect for your new family member to grow up with. Remember that when playing fetch and tug to be gentle with your fur kids growing teeth, do not pull or tug too hard. It also does wonders for their confidence for them to feel like they won a round or two!

Kitty Litter keeps your cats fresh and clean

The main topic of conversation at all proper dinner parties! There is nothing worse than the smell of kitty litter. Did you know there is a South African manufactured product that gets rid of all kitty litter odour while still allowing your cat the privacy to do the deed!

Pets in the city are one-of-a-kind products within South Africa that have a deodorizing liquid to keep your cats litter smelling fresh and clean! You simply purchase the starter kit including reusable litter as well as detergent. This unique filtration system controls the odour in the litter tray which in turn reduces tracking throughout your home. It’s eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic and completely washable.

Ball launcher toys for dogs  

You know that feeling when you are playing catch and your cutie of a fur baby returns the ball covered in thick slobber and you find it incredibly hard not to be repulsed? Yes, those days are long gone! One of the best creations in the 21st century is a ball launcher! Not only will this prevent you from having to pick up the spit-covered ball, but you can now launch it into space! #youwish This awesome creation is perfect for your breeds that love to run fast and hard. Make sure you always have at least 2 balls when playing to teach drop and fetch! This activity is perfect at the dog park, beach and at home if you have the space to launch. Please make sure to keep away from windows!

The King Kong of all toys

Anyone in the pet industry knows about KONG! This rubber designed toy is built to last! They are designed with your Furbabies needs in mind while remaining safe and with long-lasting durability. The best part of a KONG is the interior which can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter to keep your Fur kid entertained for longer!

A KONG is a perfect accessory for providing stimulation when leaving the home. If your Fur kid suffers from separation anxiety the best way to keep them occupied when you are away from home is YouTube – DOGTV and a KONG with treats to keep them occupied. Make sure it is a high reward treat that they do not get on the regular, but they love. This will have them looking forward to you leaving! #sorrynotsorry

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