People are going gaga for argu

People are going gaga for arguably the hottest vet ever [photos]

People Magazine recently named him”Sexiest Beast Charmer” and we have to agree.

People are going gaga for argu

Smart and gorgeous!

They call me the Mexican Beaded Lizard matchmaker ???? Jk, these lil monsters have been living together and breeding for a long time and very comfortable around one another. That being said, I generally recommend precaution before co-habitating reptiles together, even the same species. Cage aggression can lead to high stress and fatal injuries. For many reptiles it’s not an issue but recommended for experienced reptile hobbyists. And check out my @wearfigs – super comfy scrubs that look good too ???????????????????????? #exotics #reptile #vet #wildvet #wearfigs #veterinary #vetmed #vetlife #lizardsdontkissever #dontkissareptile #defdontkissabeadedlizard #reptileherpesisforeveryo #nottruebutsalmonellaisreal!

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Meet Dr. Evan Antin, a California-based veterinarian, probably the most attractive one alive.


According to Bored Panda, he started posting pictures of himself on Instagram and the internet noticed. People’s Magazine even dubbed him “Sexiest Beast Charmer.”

There’s obviously no wonder why.

Dr. Evan is an animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian. He also spent years travelling to six continents in order help animals in need. Many won’t be shocked to learn that this 30-year-old hunk also spends his time doing some part-time modelling. He also struts his stuff in the gym as a personal trainer.

Rumor has it he is engaged to be married though.

Can we just take a moment…

#intimateandalittleawkward A big part of #veterinary medicine is really getting to know your #patients personally. It’s very easy to take this aspect of veterinary practice for granted especially when you’re slammed with appointments on top of hospitalized inpatients and procedures and diagnostics/interpretations, etc but it really does make you a better doctor to try to connect with your animal patients. Some animals are more receptive than others and of course this isn’t much of an option with true #wildlife patients (ie a super stressed out and aggressive bobcat). This #malamute is the SWEETEST guy and always down to lay around and #cuddle, even on the exam floor hahaha. I also want to mention that this pic was taken by Laura Dang with #NextShark and she wrote up a super fun article on me with amazing pictures all from 1 day on the job (she shadowed me during an entire shift). Please scope it out at #vetmed #puppy #dog #veterinarian #spooninganalaskanmalamuteislegalinthestateofcalifornia

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Hubba Hubba!

#letmeloveyou #caturday #nomore

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Let me love you? Yes, please!

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