farmer car.

This farmer moved this car with his tractor. Image via Twitter: @hannahcyclist

Park at own risk: Farmer lifts & drops car that blocked his gate [watch]

One man has learned his lesson about unlawful parking after a farmer lifted and threw his car out of the way using a tractor!

farmer car.

This farmer moved this car with his tractor. Image via Twitter: @hannahcyclist

Last year, one UK farmer left many people feeling super satisfied after doing what many people wish they could do at least once in their lifetime. In a clip that went viral on Twitter in 2021, the farmer can be seen using a construction vehicle to forcefully move a car that was parked in front of his gate.

The video has resurfaced and tweeps are still super impressed.

Farmer forcibly moves car away from his gate

2021 was a terribly eventful year. While many things were changed because of COVID-19, people did their best to continue with their normal lives.

In between trying to be normal and coping with the deadly virus, many people also did bizarre things that left social media users absolutely shocked.

One clip that went viral in June last year, is a clip of a farmer angrily moving a car away from his property. The video shows how the farmer used his tractor to move the car much to the dismay of the car’s owner who tried in vain to get him to stop.

“I fully condone this. well done farmer for getting rid of this car in front of his gate!” the uploader of the video, @CyclistHannah captioned it.

Many agree

After spotting the clip, many people headed to the comment section to share just how much they agree with the farmer’s actions.

A number of them criticised the young driver in the clip for parking unlawfully while others slammed the agro farmer:

@LibtardBeaver said:

“This is illegal on so many levels. I get the farmer doesn’t want some douchebag blocking his gate. However, the destruction of private property in the absence of danger and vehicular assault is hard to defend in court.”

@crippsy_99 said:

“Although I do agree the car driver was wrong, the farmer definitely didn’t do himself any favours with the way he handled it…”

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