orania, EFF

A single Orania resident who voted for the EFF has been hailed a hero on social media.

‘A legend’: Orania’s single EFF voter has Saffas amused [photo]

An unidentified single resident of Orania who voted for the EFF in the general elections has been hailed a ‘rebel’ and a ;legend’.

orania, EFF

A single Orania resident who voted for the EFF has been hailed a hero on social media.

The revelation of a single Orania resident who voted for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has left many South Africans amused on social media.

The “whites only” town in the Northern Cape has attracted much attention for being self-sufficient and independent from the rest of the country.


On the X app, a screenshot of the election results in Orania has become a trending topic.

According to the figures, 376 people voted for the VF Plus, 127 selected the DA, and 38 ticked the box of Hope4SA. The numbers dwindled, with a handful of residents voting for the ACDP and other smaller opposition parties.

However, the biggest surprise was that one Orania resident chose to vote EFF during the elections.

The revelation resulted in many jokes and memes about a “rebel” in the Afrikaans community camp.

@naledimashishi: “The one person in Orania who voted for EFF is an icon. A legend among us. An agent of chaos. The bravest of us all.”

@MaxduPreez: “There’s a witch-hunt on for the one person who voted for the EFF. You rebel, you”

@Justvibing_02: “Lie detecter tests will be whipped out tomorrow. They are finding that one person and booting them out.”


Meanwhile, the Patriotic Alliance – led by Gayton McKenzie – also secured two votes from residents in Orania.

In May last year, Gayton visited the town to meet with local leaders and learn more about the community.

Sharing a lengthy Twitter thread, the PA leader came to the following conclusions:

  • Orania is a white-only town. Black people are not allowed to buy land or stay there. According to leaders, this is a means to “preserve” the Afrikaaner culture
  • The town does not permit any embers of the LGBTQ community to enter the town
  • The population is about 3000 people, and residents thrive on keeping the town clean
  • Orania has its own currency -Ora – and even its own Reserve Bank registered bank. It also has its own flag
  • The town has multiple thriving businesses which employ residents
  • It is self-sufficient, with its own schools, factories, and hospitals.
  • Afrikaans is the only language spoken and taught
  • Despite having a small population, the town has “futuristic” financial practises
orania, EFF
A resident of Orania casts their vote on Wednesday, 29 May. Photo by MARCO LONGARI / AFP

Reflecting on the experience, he added: “The saddest part about Orania is that they are doing exactly what we should be doing in SA, which is building infrastructure, technical schools, empowering people, and having dreams.

“I met the leaders of Orania, and they are all very idealistic. Just a pity that it is only for Afrikaners”.