Oefentse brought his Tazzla dream to life. Images via Twitter: @mtura712

Check it out, Mzansi! Man transforms his car into a Toyota ‘Tazzla’ [photos]

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a Toyota Tazzla! South Africans have mixed reactions about a 26-year-old’s pimped-up car…


Oefentse brought his Tazzla dream to life. Images via Twitter: @mtura712

One creative Roodepoort man has proven that anything you can put your mind to, you can achieve – even if you put your mind to transforming you Toyota Tazz into a “Toyota Tazzla”. The man’s creation has gone viral on social media as many South Africans discuss his bizarre car.

Man creates a Tazzla and wows Mzansi

Oefentse Mphatsoe has managed to wow many people on social media and in the streets after showing off his transformed car.

The young designer decided to customise his Toyota Tazz in the most unimaginable way ever.

Photos of the transformation have made its way on to Twitter and while there are some critics, many people marvelled over how he was able to turn an ordinary car into something out of a Transformers movie.

Young Oefentse pimped his Tazz using rubbish bin parts and other ordinary things found around the household.

The Roodepoort Record also reports that the 26-year-old has IT experience and is currently completing a short course in welding at Davidsonville-based skills development non-profit Synergistic Covenant Network .

Oefentse says that the car has passed a roadworthy test and is safe for driving – even though it looks like it could fly away at any second.

Meanwhile he has received high praise from motor YouTuber Ernest Page who Oefentse definitely has a flair for car customising.

“Customing [a car] is something that’s done to someone’s taste, and this gentleman has created something that won’t be too many people’s tastes but many concept cars aren’t.”

Mzansi has mixed reactions

Not everyone thought that the car was a masterpiece and expressed their thoughts online.Here are some of their thoughts:

@tpbodiwe said:

“Horrendous… how much power is in this though?”

@cmajelo said:

“The more I look the more my eyes hurting :sob:

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