Former Google Employees unveil

Former Google Employees unveil their nifty, self-driving vehicle specially designed for deliveries [photos]

Meet the Nuro R1: a self-driving vehicle specially designed for local goods transportation – like your dinner or dry cleaning!

Former Google Employees unveil

Former engineers from Google recently revealed their new, nifty project that might deliver your pizza in the future. Introducing the Nuro R1, a self-driving car that will specialize in deliveries – like pizza, groceries and even dry-cleaning.

The cute little self-driving car is the latest project from Nuro, a Mountain View, California-based startup. The little delivery pod itself is called the Nuro R1 and will carry packages, not people, with no windows or doors.

According to, a handful of these vehicles should begin hitting the road by the end of the year.

The Nuro R1 has a glass windshield, but this is only to conform with other vehicles on the road, and prevent people from freaking out. The car isn’t made for driving on highways, but is perfect for local deliveries.

The current prototype vehicle is about the height of an SUV but far narrower than a typical car. The Nuro R1 weighs only 680g – with most of its weight coming from the battery pack which powers its electric motor.


Nuro was founded by Jiajun ZhuNuro and Dave Ferguson.

Ferguson spoke to CNN Tech and said they can use self-driving technology to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere for basically all local goods and services.

“Consumers used to be okay with two-week paid shipping. It became two-week free delivery, followed by one week, two days, and the same day. Now, same-day delivery isn’t fast enough for some customers.

“We feel by creating this new technology that’s going to enable this last mile delivery, we’re going to be creating new markets and doing things that previously weren’t possible. This is not swapping out jobs with robots. It’s creating new markets. There will definitely be new employment opportunities.”

It’s believed that Nuro has already raised $92 million in fundraising and is presumably talking to a number of retailers and delivery providers about possible partnerships.