‘Not in our name’: The ‘real K

Women named ‘Karen’ are firing back at the stigma attached to their name. Image: Pexels.

‘Not in our name’: The ‘real Karens’ are actually ‘pretty nice people’

Women named ‘Karen’ have formed a support group to fire back at the stigma attached to their names after constantly being trolled.

‘Not in our name’: The ‘real K

Women named ‘Karen’ are firing back at the stigma attached to their name. Image: Pexels.

A group of women named “Karen” are fighting back at the stigma attached to their name over social media. 


In recent years “Karen” has become more than just a name in society. “Karen” has typically been identified as a middle aged woman who requests to speak to the manager.

“A middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected,” according to Urban Dictionary. 

Here are a few of the memes.

Statements such as “typical Karen” or “that’s such a Karen thing to do,” have become a norm in society. However, women who are actually named Karen have had enough and decided to hit back… via social media. A group of women have come together over a Facebook group called “Karens United” which has over 2000 members as well as a Twitter page titled “Not in Our Name – Karens” which has over 500 followers. 

According to UNILAD, a member of the private Facebook group said that there is a poor reputation attached to the name and the “real Karens” are “pretty nice people.

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While most think trolling Karens on Twitter and other social media platforms is just a good laugh, women are actually considering changing their names because of the abuse they’ve received. 

“Did you know that woman named #Karen have had to change their names on social media for fear of terrible abuse & trolling? They’ve had their photos stolen so they can be mocked & ridiculed. This is what the meme has done. #MentalHealthAwareness #karenisaname,” wrote @NotInOurName3 on Twitter. 

“Name shaming doesn’t just affect that person with that name, it also massively hurts the parents who lovingly gave their child that name. Ruining Karen for sport, it’s plain s*it. #notinourname #Karen,” wrote @NotInOurName3 on Twitter. 

The trolling also turned into mental health issues such as depression. 

These women are using Twitter and hashtag activism in form of #notinourname and #karenisaname to fight the stigma attached to their name. While the private Facebook group is being used to encourage and support each other to clap back at the discrimination they have faced because of their names.

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