New Year’s resolutions: How to

New Year’s resolutions: How to actually lose weight and get fit in 2017

If you’re really into all that ‘new year new me’ stuff, here are a few ways you might up your chances of success.

New Year’s resolutions: How to

Yawn… another year another bunch of impossible plans; but what if this time you actually stuck to them.

Some of the fav’s include losing weight, getting fit, saving money and so on and so forth – you know the story.

So if you’ve not been able to stick to the deal you made in 2016, have another go at it.

  1. Start to make a habit out some sort of exercise

Some believes it takes about 21 days to form a habit of something. According to Metro, plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz believed it to be a minimum of 21 days to make a change in your life. After he wrote about this in 1960, his 21-day-rule became the framework for psychologists all over.

A later study by Psychologist, Phillipa Lally suggests it takes longer – from 66 days up to 245 days for a habit to kick in. Therefore, start immediately. You can start small. How about doing some burgees for five minutes straight or take a walk around the block for ten minutes. Just do something that involves movement. If you constantly keep going at it, you will start falling into the habit of exercising.

2. Go on an adventure which includes some sort of exercise

There’s beautiful hiking trails all over SA. Start training for one and do it. The views are worth it! And it’s much easier making a habit out of something that also enriches your inner soul.

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How about climbing a mountain or river rafting. SA is filled with possibilities to get active.

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3. How about downloading an app?

With today’s technological advances, it’s much easier to keep track of your daily movements. Apps on your smartphone such as MyFitnessPal, a training app like Couch to 5k or exercise monitors like Runkeeper or Fitbit will help you keep some structure between workouts.

4. Cut back on the booze

This isn’t news to anyone. Adults are allowed to buy booze for a reason you know, but it does in fact prolong your fitness goals. Alcohol prevents fat burning in your belly region, it temporarily stops your body from burning fat and you make some pretty poor food choices after a night out drinking – whether it is the next day or during the night.

5. Follow your favourite fitness pro’s on Instagram for some inspiration

You can find a lot of inspiration on the internet. Looking at Emily Skye’s Instagram will be enough to get you out of bed and onto a yoga mat. She’s one of the best fitness role models you’ll find today.

6. Start off by exercising at home

With work, kids and basically life that prevents you from going to gym everyday, it is almost impossible to get a full workout. But, if you start exercising at home you can save some time (and money) and actually get into a fitness routine. Some jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, yoga, Pilates or squats can do the trick. Work out an exercise routine for yourself and start to see the pounds melt off.

7. Join a boot camp or exercise group

Nothing will motivate you more than joining an exercise group with your friends. It can also count towards some much-needed downtime where you can refocus and re-energise your mind.

8. Get a personal trainer

If you’re really serious about getting into tip top shape, hire a personal trainer. It will cost you, but the results are always promising. It means someone will support you on your weight loss journey and give you the best advice.

9. Keep a food diary

It’s useful to keep track of what you’re consuming everyday. An app like MyFitnessPal will hep you out. This way you can track where excessive calories come from and cut out food that you know isn’t doing you’re weight loss journey any good.

10. Make goals and not revolutions

Setting goals are much better in the long run than setting resolutions. Resolutions such as ‘living healthier’ can leave you in limbo and scramble out of control. Goals are track-able and achievable. Working out three times a week, for instance, is very achievable.

Good luck!