Watch: Nando’s release hilario

Photo: YouTube/Nando’s South Africa

Watch: Nando’s release hilarious ‘Mzansipoli’ ad [video]

Nando’s recently released their hilarious new ad featuring ‘Mzansipoli’ – a game of ‘survival, corruption, and confusion’.

Watch: Nando’s release hilario

Photo: YouTube/Nando’s South Africa

Nando’s is not afraid to stir it up! The home of peri-peri chicken has done it again by releasing their new cheeky television advertisement called ‘Mzansipoli’ – a board game based on ‘survival, corruption, and confusion’.

The ad comes as no surprise seeing as Nando’s is well known for their tongue-in-cheek advertising campaigns which usually poke fun at politicians and current social affairs.

And that’s also why their new advertisement plays on the rules of the boardgame Monopoly – with a definite South African twist. Mzansipoli is said to be ‘hours of fun for the whole family’ and includes ‘paying bribes’ and ‘sowing division in the game that will capture your imagination…and the state!’

“Save money…Pay money…Fake money… Beat the game that has been playing you.”

Watch the hilarious ‘Mzansipoli’ advertisement down here:

Twitter reacts:

Of course, South Afrians are loving it:

“This is award winning story telling!” said one Twitter user. “I have a good feeling about this one ey…It’s about time we had a realistic board game,” said another.

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The funniest (and some banned) Nando’s ads… so far

We once did a list on their 15 best adverts, and that’s because their viral campaigns completely dominate the discourse. They’ve tackled everything from xenophobia to state capture Nando’s is know for stirring things up when it comes to their advertisements.

One of these includes their take on ABSA and the bank’s Africanicity marketing campaign.

ABSA redesigned its entire brand last year, complete with a new logo and slogan. Africanacity is the jingle attached to ABSA’s new image; it’s meant to be a celebration of African tenacity and ingenuity. Ironically, the entire campaign is rumoured to have been outsourced to an American agency, and the wholesale rebrand has not been well received by the public.

With this in mind, Nando’s timed their punch line perfectly – questioning ABSA’s sincerity by poking fun at its over-the-top adverts, hinting at it being more African-Nasti than a genuine representation of the continent.