Nando’s has once again been slammed as racist. Images via Twitter and Unsplash: @NandosSA

Nando’s accused of being racist after slamming fake Andre de Ruyter’s ad

‘It’s bad taste cause the Prince of Darkness is white,’ wrote a tweep after Nando’s slammed a fake ad about Eskom’s Andre de Ruyter.


Nando’s has once again been slammed as racist. Images via Twitter and Unsplash: @NandosSA

Nando’s is very unhappy with the social media user behind a fake ad about Eskom boss Andre de Ruyter. The fast-food restaurant social media team headed to Twitter to clarify that they did not make the ad while encouraging fans not to make or share fake ads that were not posted on their official page.

South Africans are not impressed and have called Nando’s out for its double standards when it comes to jokes.

Nando’s gets a taste of its own medicine with fake Andre de Ruyter ad

Over the years Nando’s has built itself a reputation for cut-throat advertisements and social media posts. This seems to be biting the Nando’s marketing team in the behind now as many social media users have started making fake Nando’s ads which are more often than not a tad bit too controversial.

The latest fake ad to hit Twitter streets is one about Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter and was typed using Nandos’ famous Din Next font.

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“If ‘incompetent’ was a person. He sells only one product, but can’t deliver. Moves from Stage 2 to Stage 2×2 before you can finish saying ‘frame grilled chicken’.

Meet South Africa’s ‘Prince of Darkness’. It looks like De Ruyter took Teddy Pandegras’ ‘Turn off the Lights’ song literally,” reads the fake ad.

Nando’s quickly clarified that it was a fake while adding that it was in “bad taste.”

“Whilst we value the enthusiasm of fans for our brand, we don’t appreciate the production of these fake ads/parody accounts.

This is in bad taste and is in no way aligned with our brand or values. And remember, if it’s not on our page, it’s not ours. @NandosSA is our official page.”

Netizens swiftly clapback

Many people soon started criticising the company for slamming the fake ad while pointing out that they have made some jokes that were also in bad taste. Some people seemed to agree with the ad by saying that de Bruyter was indeed failing both Eskom and the country.

@Thambu02 said:

“Respect us, what’s a bad taste.”

@Simon53167953 said:

“@NandosSA is very quick to attack black people.”

@BlackGeekFly said:

“It’s a joke, since when has @NandosSA been sensitive? Or it’s bad taste cause the Prince of Darkness is white?”

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