These baby nails are upsetting the masses. Images via Facebook: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger

Nailed it? Netizens not impressed with these manicures for babies!

LOL: Netizens were absolutely not having it when a young woman jokingly offered to do razor-sharp manicures on little babies.


These baby nails are upsetting the masses. Images via Facebook: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger

For years and years, women – and men – all over the world have been heading to salons and spas to get their nails done by professionals who honestly work wonders on our hands. There are hundreds of styles, shapes, and designs to be chosen from, and let’s be honest, it’s wonderful.

But now one woman has left locals with mixed reactions after offering her services to the parents of newborn babies!

Nails for babies rub Mzansi up the wrong way

When it comes to nails, hair, and makeup some women truly go wild. And so many women can’t wait to have their baby girls so that they too can be involved in all things cute and stylish.

One woman however may have taken things too far after she headed online to joke about doing manicures and other kinds of nail sets on babies.

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“I can do your baby’s nails. Kindly DM for info. Cheap rates,” wrote Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger in her post while adding photos of what the end result would look like.

The comment section blows up

After seeing the post many internet users were completely riled up and headed to the comment section to share just how much it was not okay for babies to have their nails done.

A number of them wrote how babies – who often scratch themselves – will be in a lot of danger of serious injury with those nails.

Ibraaheem Ebie Hendricks wrote:

“Are you dumb… the child can scratch her eye out.”

Diam Sanchez said:

“Hell no. Babies already have razor-sharp fingernails as it is. Now you wanna add katanas.”

After getting a thorough dragging, the nail tech did add that it was a joke and that she doesn’t actually do nails on little ones. Despite this, many people still shared their thoughts about the baby nail idea in the comment section.

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