nadia nakai

Photo: Twitter / Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai body-shamed after pics of recent gig surface online [video]

Nakai’s outfit at the Castle Lite Unlocks concert drew ire from fans.

nadia nakai

Photo: Twitter / Nadia Nakai

This is not the first time popular rapstress and First Lady of Family Tree, Nadia Nakai, has fallen victim to the harsh trolls of Twitter for her physical appearance.

As Nakai prepares for the anticipated release of her debut project the rapstress left nothing to imagination when she showed up on Day 1 of the Castle Lite Unlocks concert in nothing but a tight-fitting, one-piece, bathing suit.

Why was Nadia Nakai body-shamed?

This may have been acceptable to those who understand the true nature of the entertainment industry — sex sells. However, for most, this was a little too much, even for her standards.

Scores of fans took to social media to share their discontent with the rapstress’ outfit choice.

An unperturbed Nakai, however, carried on about her day without addressing the hate she has received. It may partly be due to the fact that the body-shaming lends more PR to her debut album, which is — coincidentally — titled Naked.

Nakai’s encounters with online trolls

This is not the first time Nakai has had to deal with trolls spewing hatred about her physical appearance. In 2018, images of an outing with friends at a spa somehow made their way onto social media, showing the rapstress without make-up.

For some reason, the image sparked outrage and for days, Nakai had to deal with people drawing differences between the attractive rapstress with concealers and foundation, and her natural looks.

Nakai was unbothered then, and it seems that she is unbothered now. Instead, she has been using the negative press as an advantage to draw engagement and reach to the trailer of her documentary, The Making of Nadia Naked.

Watch: Nakai drops trailer of new documentary