Milk tart

Milk tart. Photo: Unsplash

Mzansi eats: Five traditional South African flavours

Mzansi Eats are uniquely South African things like peppermint crisp. What about some uniquely local flavours, like milk tart and chutney?

Milk tart

Milk tart. Photo: Unsplash

Mzansi eats are full of traditional flavours.

It makes South African eating unique. Local foods have become famous for undeniably good flavour profiles.

There are some things you’ll only taste in southern Africa.

Milk tart, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, and monkey gland sauce are unique to southern Africa.

What do you associate with South African taste?

Here’s a look at five traditional Mzansi eats flavours.

Mzansi eats: Mrs Ball’s Chutney

There’s chutney, however, and then there’s Mrs Ball’s Chutney.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says chutney is a “thick sauce of Indian origin that contains fruits, vinegar, sugar, and spices and is used as a condiment”.

You won’t know exactly what chutney tastes like from this description.

Chutney is sweet, though tangy.

It’s a condiment, however, you can also use it for cooking.

Can you live without this Mzansi eats flavour?

Mzansi eats: Monkey Gland Sauce

The next Mzansi eats on our list is monkey gland sauce.

According to Mixdrinkipedia, there’s also a cocktail called “Monkey gland”, but it’s not that.

Taste magazine describes monkey gland sauce’s ingredients: various sauces, including tomato sauce, but we won’t give you any spoilers.

Monkey gland sauce doesn’t contain monkeys or glands.

It’s a uniquely South African taste.

It’s served traditionally with things like chips.

Mzansi eats: Biltong Flavour

Biltong is a South African dried meat product; however other Mzansi eats are also biltong-flavoured.

Biltong has unique spices, including coriander.

The flavour is found in Simba Chips, but also products like First Choice Cheese Spread.

Name something else biltong-flavoured.

Mzansi eats: Milk Tart

Milk tart is a flavoured South African dessert; however, it’s uniqueness has also brought other recipes.

It’s custard, but also nothing like custard. Traditionally, milk tart also gets cinnamon on top.

Tinkies has a milk tart flavour.

Mzansi eats: Chakalaka

Chakalaka is another condiment.

According to Food South Africa, basic recipes use onlon, tomato, celery, and other vegetables.

There’s nothing that’s quite like it.

Like biltong, it also exists as a chip flavour.

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