dstv, subscribers, multichoice

DStv has recorded another drastic drop in subscribers.
Image by Renate Köppel from Pixabay

‘Arrogance got them there’: DStv ‘insolvent’ after subscriber drop

South Africans are comparing DStv’s downfall to the ANC after the Multichoice company recorded another massive subscriber drop.

dstv, subscribers, multichoice

DStv has recorded another drastic drop in subscribers.
Image by Renate Köppel from Pixabay

South Africans have likened DStv’s major plummet – and being described “technically insolvent – to the ANC, who experienced a dramatic drop in votes in last month’s general elections.

According to Multichoice’s latest financial reports, the company has experienced its “worst financial year” to date. This following another significant decline in subscribers as well as unfavourable foreign exchange rates.

Many consumers have dumped their DStv subscriptions – for good – for various reasons, including a lack of affordability.


According to the Daily Investor, Multichoice recorded a R4.1 billion loss for its latest financial statement, which ended on 31 March 2024. This follows a 9% decline in active subscribers over the last year.

Multichoice’s balance sheet has reflected that the company has technically become insolvent.

According to My Broadband, DStv’s parent company’s total assets have shrunk from R47.6 billion to R43.9 billion. With liabilities rising to R45 billion and negative equity of R1.068 billion, Multichoice cannot settle all its liabilities if all its assets are liquidated.

Nevertheless, Multichoice stated that they have implemented a cost-reduction program, which they believe will save them R2 billion by the next financial year.

It said in a statement: “Clear strategic milestones were reached, with the group successfully launching Showmax 2.0, SuperSportBet, and Moment,

“All of these are now revenue-generating and supporting the group’s future growth prospects.”


On social media, news of DStv’s financial woes received little to no sympathy from sympathy. Some even likened their hardship to that of the ANC political party, which for the first time in 30 years, did not win the majority vote.

@Vote4YourLeader: “Good riddance”

@Ed_UberDriver: “Very well, their arrogance got them here.”

@marcgregory_: “Ignore your customers at your own cost.”

@PSAFMophiring: “Multichoice must ask the ANC what happens when South Africans are fed with k*k or no service.”


News of a drastic reduction in DStv subscribers was nothing surprising for social media users, many of whom confessed to cutting ties with the broadcaster.

Here are a few reasons why South Africans dumped DStv for good…

Premiums are too high

The cheapest DStv package – Access is R139 per month for 66 channels – while the full bouquet of Premium is the most expensive at R929 per month for 135 channels. This does not include the price of additional decoders or insurance.

Cannot choose their own channels

Many former DStv subscribers complained that the packages on offer were not tailored to their individual viewing needs.

Too many repeats and not enough diversity

Repeats of old content and a lack of in-demand shows were also another gripe.

Too many advertisements

As compared to streaming platforms, viewers were annoyed by the multiple ad breaks between viewing.

Comparisons to steaming services

Compared to cheaper streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax, or even YouTube Premium, South Africans found that DStv was lacking.