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Here are the documents that South Africans need for a Portuguese Golden Visa

(Partner Content) There is a range of documents that needs to be submitted before applying for the program.

portugese passport

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The Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program or ARI (Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento) enables non-EU citizens to obtain permanent residency in return for a five-year investment in Portugal. We all know that most investment residency programs cost a small fortune and require investors to stay abroad for extended periods, which isn’t always ideal. 

Unlike many other Golden Visa Programs though, Portugal’s ARI doesn’t force investors to stay in the country for prolonged periods of time to maintain their residency. On top of short-stay perks, you’ll also be able to reap all the benefits of having EU residency like visa-free travel throughout the Schengen area and many other countries.

What are the investment routes for a Portuguese Golden Visa?

There are four main routes to qualify for a Portuguese Golden Visa, which include:

  • A single €1 million capital investment
  • Employing at least 10 individuals
  • Purchasing property of at least 500,000
  • A property investment of €300,000 (involves property refurbishment)

In order to qualify for the Golden Visa Residence Permit Program in Portugal, you will need to make and maintain your investment for a minimum of five years. You will also need to be in Portugal for at least seven days during the first year of the program and no less than 14 days per year from the second year, which is called the stay requirement. Only persons with a clean criminal record are allowed to apply for the Golden Visa Program. 

What documents will South Africans need to submit when applying for a Portuguese Golden Visa?

South Africans looking to apply for the Golden Visa will need to submit a range of documents when first applying for the program. Apostil.co.za — a leading document assistance service — asked a number of agencies that specialise in citizenship by investment to ensure South Africans know exactly which documents they’ll need to apply. There are three main, different places you’ll need to get your documents from which include Home Affairs, SAPS, and your bank. You may also have to take a trip to the High Court.

  • Home Affairs Documents – These include, first and foremost, a valid passport. As Andre Botha from Golden Visas mentions, along with your passport, you will also need to submit visas and any other supporting documents such as proof of health insurance in Portugal. Every family member over the age of 18 will also have to submit an unabridged birth certificate and unabridged marriage certificates, if applicable. If divorced, your divorce decree might be requested as well to prove your marital status.
  • South African Police Clearance Certificate – Sarah Young from emigration agency Sable International confirmed that your South African Police Clearance Certificate needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your application. Everyone over the age of 16 should provide a valid Police Clearance with their application.
  • Proof of source of funds being legal – This can be supplied in the form of a deed or contract of property you purchased or a signed promissory contract with proof that your deposit has been made. You will also need to submit a declaration from your bank in Portugal confirming that funds have been transferred, or if you are investing through the employment option, you will need to provide proof of this. Vuyiseka Geza from Henley & Partners advises that it might also be useful to get your SARS Tax Clearance Certificate ready as it might be necessary to submit this along with your financials.

A note on legalising documents for official use abroad

All documents that you submit for your Portuguese Golden Visa application have to be legalised for use outside of the Republic of South Africa. Legalisation can be completed by means of apostille since Portugal is a member of The Hague Convention. 

For all your document assistance needs, including obtaining and getting your documents ready for the Golden Visa application process, get in touch with Apostil.co.za today.