You’re invited to a South African Youth Day braai and party in London

Remembering the youth of yesterday as we celebrate the youth of today! This year, South Africans living in the UK will gather in London to commemorate this very important day.

Join UK-based South Africans in commemorating Youth Day on Saturday 15 June in Southwark.

This day commemorates the Soweto uprising, a series of marches and protests that began on 16 June 1976 in response to black students being forced to learn in English and Afrikaans from Standard 5 onwards. On that day and those that followed shortly after, it was estimated that well over 700 young people (the likes of Hector Peterson) were killed and thousands more injured as a result of the protests.

Students all over Soweto came together to make a stand against the Afrikaans Medium Decree, which came into force on 1 January 1975. The black community was outraged by this; even Desmond Tutu was famously quoted for saying that Afrikaans was “the oppressor’s language”.

This law brought frustrations to a boiling point and the government struggled to maintain any peace as black resistance grew.

“June 16” now known as South African Youth Day has since been declared a public holiday. South Africa has just celebrated 19 years of democracy and Youth Day is a fundamental milestone in the country’s long journey to freedom.

It is often considered the turning point in the anti-apartheid struggle, because protests became more active within the country rather than the work done in exile in neighbouring countries.

It also caused economic instability which was a catalyst for international companies to boycott SA as a whole.

Many of the brave youth of ’76 are nameless, but their contribution plays an imperative role in our country’s story.

This year, South Africans living in the UK will gather in London to commemorate this very important day.

The “Hello Summer” event is organised by South African Youth Development Organisation founder Sthembiso Mkhize, who has successfully hosted similar events for the past three years. Sthembiso is considered a community champion and as a result he has earned respect and a good reputation within the South African community in the UK. “My main aim is to make sure South Africans from different backgrounds come together to build a better tomorrow for our future leaders. The new generation should bury the past and focus on the present. Apartheid is in the past and shall remain in the past.” said Sthembiso.

The South African Youth Day event will be held from 15-16 JUNE 2013, at The Orange Bull Sports Bar – 351 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, Southwark, London SE16 5LJ.

From 12pm to 8pm the programme will be an informative and fun-filled family day (children allowed) with guest speakers, raffles and live performances by popular local artists Lebo Snookums, Noni Zondi, Mkuze, Blackshordy and Vee.

South African beverages and food (braai vleis, pap, chakalaka etc) will be on sale at reasonable prices.

An after-party will take place at the same venue from 9pm to 3am (NO UNDER 18s).

£5 entry fee will be charged and payable at the door. Money raised on the day will be donated to supported charity IAKS/ Chiva Africa.

BRAND SOUTH AFRICA and NEDBANK are the key sponsors.

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