Wat pomp, London? Die Antwoord

Wat pomp, London? Die Antwoord brings Zef to the West [PICS]

Die Antwoord played to a sold-out crowd on 17 January at the Brixton Academy in London. The PVC-clad audience were enraptured with the performance of Yolandi Visser, Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek. The group are currently touring many cities in Europe, followed by Australia and the USA.

Wat pomp, London? Die Antwoord

I was there for the shots. Ninja and Yolandi have always spoilt photographers with a combination of stark aesthetics and highly-expressive movement on stage.

The energy in the crowd was insane. Just like Lady Gaga has an effect on fashion, there were white fringes everywhere and many a pair of PVC hotpants.

It’s rather funny to see a group of Europeans sing “Vok Julle Naaiers”. I kept thinking:
“Do you even know what that means?”
Somehow, the band has rendered that irrelevant. Whatever they’ve done to Western pop-culture, it’s here to stay.

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