The Borderline genius: Dan Pat

The Borderline genius: Dan Patlansky

Dan Patlansky stunned audiences at his first proper UK show at the Borderline in London on Monday 27 April where he launched his album ‘Dear Silence Thieves’.

The Borderline genius: Dan Pat

The intimate setting left the crowd in awe of this talent. This man knows how to own a guitar in a Jimi Hendrix sort of way. Good thing is that he’s past the age of 27. His phenomenal stage performance had him showing that his guitar is nothing short of a direct extension of his emotive state, using it to express himself through his enticing riffs, raw lyrics and enigmatic energy – encompassing the genre of blues in every way.

The majority of the songs were from his new album, where he indulged us into some quirky references about living and touring back in South Africa and the people you may meet along the way – especially those who land up giving you 24 stitches in the face. Dan has since retaliated in the best way he knows. With music. If anyone meets the guy that gave him those stitches, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to shake his hand for their contribution to the song Pop Collar Jockey.

After opening for Bruce Springsteen in 2014, his latest album ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ was voted as Number 1 Blues Rock Album of 2014 by Blues Rock Review USA, alongside names such as Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons, Devon Allman, The Black Keys, and many more. He has been confirmed as support act for Joe Satriani on his upcoming UK Shockwave November 2015 tour and the show at Borderline proved why.

Those that are not familiar with him now, will no doubt know this undeniably talented musician by the end of the year. Be sure to catch him live in November.