Angela and Adrian family

South African woman fundraises to save her husband from rare stomach cancer

Angela is hopeful and determined that her husband will live on and see his children grow up.

Angela and Adrian family

After five years battling with a rare type of stomach cancer, Adrian Hosken has been given just weeks to live.

The 39-year-old’s appendix, which was permeated with cancer, burst in February 2011 and spread the disease to his liver, bowel and diaphragm.

A biopsy confirmed that Hosken has appendiceal cancer, which is known to kill 90 per cent of patients within five years.

In 2013, he was diagnosed with cancer in his stomach, liver and bowel.

As the cancer is too aggressive for chemotherapy to be effective, doctors have now said his cancer is terminal.

In the hope to keep him alive, Adrian’s wife, Angela, is fundraising to begin alternative treatment. The South African woman wishes to prolong his life so he can spend more time with his young children.


Noah, their son, is two years old, and Adriela is just nine months old. Adrian calls his children ‘miracles’, because he was told the cancer could made him infertile.

“I’m only 39,” said Adrian. “I’m not ready to leave my wife and two children.”

While he has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and several operations, the disease has returned each time.

Now that Adrian has been given weeks to live, he and his wife are seeking alternative treatments.

“Alternative therapy would hope to give him two years, which we want to look in to, which would give us more time to look for more therapies,” said Angela .

Adrian and Angela want to try virotherapy, which costs £30,000 a year. The treatment involves injecting a good virus in to the body to attack the cancer, as well as immunotherapy to boost the body’s natural defences.

Through their fundraising page they hope to raise £100,000 towards alternative treatments. To date their page has raised nearly £25,000.

The page states that the funds will go toward extra treatment to prolong his life so he can watch and experience his two children growing up.

Angela and Adrian and kids

“He particularly wants his two children to remember him,” it reads.

“Adrian set himself a minimum date of 2025 which is when his daughter Adriela will be 10.”

Angela said: “We don’t know what will work. We just want to try everything to help him.”

The couple is hopeful and determined that Adrian will live on considering his has already lived beyond the initial five-year prognosis.

“I was supposed to die on Valentine’s Day this year but I’m still here,” said Adrian. “I was told I couldn’t have children but I did.”

“I believe Adrian will be healed,” said Angela. “I feel we’ve been blessed in so many ways, we have to have faith and fight.”

Find out more on their go fund me page or join the facebook group for live updates