South African flavours join Ta

South African flavours join Taste of London for its 10th anniversary

St Marcus Fine Foods and Revolution Wines, in partnership with South African Tourism, joined Taste of London and challenged foodies with South African favourites.

South African flavours join Ta

Taste of London

South African products stood out at the 10th anniversary of Taste of London beside an enviable line up of restaurants and some of the world’s culinary greats, such as Alfred Prasad, Francesco Mazzei, Gary Rhodes, Bruno Loubet, Michel Roux Jr, and Pierre Koffmann.

In collaboration with South African Tourism and the Cape Wine Academy, St Marcus Fine Foods  brilliantly set up a marquee that combined the relaxed, natural vibe of Cape Town with Johannesburg’s edgy, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Specialist UK-based St Marcus offered a tasting of some South African favourites: boerewors, biltong, droewors, and other exquisite products indispensable for a perfect braai.

“Biltong made by us is undoubtedly the best tasting in the world and biltong is at the core of what we are all about. We have been making biltong for the last 30 years in the UK, our master butcher Emory St Marcus has perfected the art. We currently have 12 different flavours of beef biltong and four different types of game biltong not to mention the largest selection of South African goods in the UK.  To showcase our produce and South Africa at London’s biggest food festival is a great honour for us,” said St Marcus operations manager Marc Wentworth.

Louis wine

Taste of London was also an occasion for St Marcus to showcase its speciality: game biltong. “The game we use is of sustainable source. It’s an animal that is in abundance back home, we don’t use endangered species, because that’s not what we are after. We are after a product that we can carry on selling to people and shows the face of the wild life back home.”

For the first time ever, St Marcus Fine Foods, the Cape Wine Academy and a South African chef magnificently pulled together the flavours of South Africa for the London public. Master Chef Grant Hawthorne surprised the Taste of London foodies with live demonstrations and cuisine master classes showcasing traditional dishes as well as new cooking tips.

Distinctive South African wines were also offered during 45-minute tasting sessions with wine expert Jean-Louis Holtzhausen from the Cape Wine Academy. The tasting included unique Pinotage wines from renowned vineyards in Stellenbosch, Paarl and Constantia.

Wentworth applauded South African Tourism, Hawthorne and Holtzhausen for all their hard work over the four days.

Visitors to the stand were also given the chance to win two return flights and two tickets for ‘Arts Alive’, the vibrant arts, dance, music, and poetry festival held every September in Johannesburg, and stay in Mantis’ prestigious Monarch Hotel.