South African director plays h

South African director plays her part in giving back to the people of Peckham

Marianne Gray and her team at Peckhamplex have received high praise for their independent multiplex in Peckham.

South African director plays h

Independent multiplex Peckhamplex received the highest award at the annual Southwark Civic Awards this past weekend, in recognition of excellence in active citizenship.

Chairman John Reiss and directors Simone Brown, Rakesh Makhecha, and South African Marianne Gray were honoured to receive The Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell for their social dividend for the people of Peckham and their contribution to Peckham life over 20 years.

The award was presented to Peckhamplex by the (outgoing) Mayor of Southwark, Dora Dixon-Fyle. The team was dubbed “a fantastic asset to our community”.

Reiss said: “Peckhamplex is surprised and honoured to receive this award and it reflects the hard work of the entire 20+plus Peckhamplex team.”

British comedy Gone Too Far!, set in Peckhamis currently showing at Peckhamplex.

Winner of Best New Comedy at the London Comedy Film Festival, it has received universally glowing reviews and is destined to be seen on the international film festival circuit.

Writer Bola Agbaje explained why she set her story in Peckham: “Peckham still has that sense of community, of neighbourhood,” she said.

“The story is about cultural issues and Peckham seems to deal with them well. Peckham is essentially a definite character in the film.”

Director Destiny Ekaragha explains: “So many of us have had the same experiences, considered black but we are so many different shades of black, British, African, Caribbean, mixed, and we wanted people to understand the journeys our characters have taken and laugh with us about it.

“Clearly there’s an audience out there for this sort of frank social comment and how we can laugh along with and be entertained by the human spirit addressing racialism.”