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South African Chamber of Commerce in UK welcomes Theresa May’s latest statement

The South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK welcomes the statement made by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on her visit to South Africa this week.

theresa may

Twitter / Mthunzi Mamkeli

The Chamber aims to play a significant role as a ‘partner for opportunity’ in strengthening post-Brexit trade with Britain by facilitating substantive trade agreements.

Following May’s announcement that the British government would invest £4 billion (R73bn) in African economies, the Chamber will support the successful delivery of this investment, highlighting South Africa as a gateway for trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is in line with her announcement that Britain will carry over the EU’s current Economic Partnership Agreements with Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa.

The Chamber is uniquely positioned to facilitate SMEs in building export links with South Africa, explaining the regulatory framework and offering strategic operational support.

The SA Chamber of Commerce business model will tailor the best solutions for companies looking to trade with or invest in SA. This will ensure a positive UK company experience by facilitating a faster turnaround time and ensuring a more sustainable and profitable entry to market.

In doing so, the Chamber is committed to furthering the Prime Minister’s goal of the UK becoming the G7’s leading investor in Africa by 2022 whilst simultaneously supporting the delivery of more jobs for South Africans and further promoting the growth of one of Africa’s largest economies.

“The Chamber has recently initiated conversations with the two respective heads of state to facilitate sharing of ideas, solutions and support,” said Mike Miller, a founding member and Director of the SA Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

The Chamber is already planning two seminars; one on oil and gas the other on mining, as they are two of the largest value import markets for South Africa. These events will take place in London later this year. Admittance will be by invitation but the Chamber welcomes requests from companies in these sectors for further information.

Dennis Zietsman, Chairman of the South African company, Servest, in the UK, sums up the reciprocal value of the long trading relationship between the two countries, Both countries have a lot to offer each other from a business point of view as SA is amongst some of the world leaders in its governance framework and UK businesses have the experience in operating in a highly competitive environment.”

The SA Chamber will support opportunities for South African SME’s to access the export market to the UK.

Sharon Constançon, chairman of the SA Chamber, said, “The export flow of trade is critical to South Africa’s sustainable growth, job creation and current account equilibrium.”

Growing bilateral trade will substantially benefit both nations.

Interested corporates or SME’s in the UK or SA should make contact with the SA Chamber on Website is