Which UK General Election #has

Which UK General Election #hashtags are getting it wrong?

Social media has consumed our world. We live, shop, flirt and now also do politics online. But it seems that some politicians haven’t caught on how to use Twitter in cool way…

Which UK General Election #has

According to the BBC, the Tories have spent £100,000 per month on their Facebook bill. Joining Facebook is free but getting noticed and getting with the kewl kids can be very, very expensive.

Clearly, politicians are aware of the power of social media but it seems they’re not all that good at using them.

With three different hashtags competing against each other in the UK elections, namely — #GE15, #Election2015 and #GE2015 — things can get a little overwhelming, and somewhat confusing for some candidates in the world of hashtagging.

Can we make that # any longer?


Ed Miliband/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

Oh, that appears to be possible…


Nick Clegg/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

Erm, harder, faster, stronger… any more adjectives?


Rui Vieira/PA Images/George Osborne/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

The “pretty please” hashtag…


Natalie Bennett/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed