wordon family mansion raffle

Darren Wordon and his wife at their R49 million mansion. Image via Prince Trust.

Keeping up with the Beckhams: SA expat couple wins R49m UK mansion

A South African expat couple, originally from Johannesburg, won a six-bedroom country retreat in a £25 raffle.

wordon family mansion raffle

Darren Wordon and his wife at their R49 million mansion. Image via Prince Trust.

Information Technology (IT) consultant Darren Wordon won a six-bedroom mansion in Cotswolds, United Kingdom (UK), worth R49 million (£2.5 million) from a charity raffle that cost him a mere £25.

Wordon is originally from Johannesburg, Gauteng, and currently lives in Bath, England with his wife and two children, aged 20 and 17. The Wordon family relocated to the UK five years ago.

Cotswold is home to some of England’s more popular celebrities including the Beckhams, Amanda Holden and Jeremy Clarkson.


The Wordon family won the countryside mansion from Darren’s purchase of several raffle tickets from an annual fundraising campaign hosted by charity support company Omaze in aid of the Prince’s Trust charity. 

The charity looks at challenges that young people face in the job market and equips them with training and education opportunities to combat those challenges.

In May, Wordon saw the competition on television and bought 40 entries to the draw adding to a total of R491 (£25). The £25 he spent on raffle tickets got him the home worth £2.5 million.

“I saw the advert on TV. I was inspired to enter the draw after hearing about the incredible work the Prince’s Trust does for young people,” said Wordon in a statement from Prince’s Trust.

“Having two children myself, ensuring young people have the support and opportunities to thrive means a lot to me,” he added.

The Wordon family has not yet decided whether they want to live in the mansion or sell it. However, Darren says that it is a “brilliant” dilemma to have. 

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According to the Prince’s Trust, the mansion is newly-built and features all modern amenities and appliances while still using traditional Georgian-style Cotswold stone materials.

Covering 2.3 acres of land in Cotswolds’ countryside close to the Cotswolds National Park, the house consists of six bedrooms with an additional two-bedroom detached cottage as well as a driveway and a double-carport for budding collectors.

Have a look at SA expats’ new mansion:

“Omaze is a win-win for both charities and donors. By offering incredible prizes like this dream Cotswolds home, we are giving people the chance to win, while also introducing charities to donors they would not have access to otherwise,” said Omaze senior vice-president James Oakes. 

“We are thrilled that Darren and his family got to help out a charity that means a lot to them, and just as delighted that this campaign helped to raise £500 000 for the Prince’s Trust in the process,” he added.

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