Help mighty Mason fight for a

Help mighty Mason fight for a good life despite Cerebral Palsy

After 13 years in the UK, Sasha and Blake Buckingham made the tough decision to move home. Their son Mason was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and they needed help.

Help mighty Mason fight for a

Mason Buckingham, now 2.5 years old, suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He was born prematurely and weighed a mere 1.65 kg. Only after 24 hours was he able to take his first breath on his own. Due to his tiny size and huge will to live, he became known as Mighty Mason.

When Mason didn’t hit many of his milestones, Sasha and Blake Buckingham consulted a Neurodevelopmental Specialist who established that Mason suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He had a brain hemorrhage at birth. The list of possible complications is endless: mental issues, learning difficulties, motor problems, epilepsy, problems with vision and hearing.

A MRI scan a few weeks later confirmed quite extensive brain damage.

Needing more support from family and friends, the Buckinghams  moved back to South Africa after 13 years of living in the UK.

On arrival in South Africa, Mason continued physiotherapy at a daily Stimulation Centre for disabled children.

At this stage of his life he is still not able to sit, stand or walk unsupported, with both his legs and left arm being affected. He also has a severe squint in his right eye.

Mason’s next surgeries are scheduled for the end of November 2014. He will be having an eye operation to correct the squint as well as another set of Botox injections to loosen the tightness of his limbs to help him to move more freely.

As the couple have recently moved to SA from the UK, their current medical aid will not be covering his condition until next year September. However, they cannot postpone these surgeries as they will benefit him at a crucial stage and support his progress.

The Buckingham family are turning to the public to help contribute towards Mason’s ongoing treatments. They will use contributions towards his upcoming surgeries and any further treatments he may require and to cover medical expenses not currently covered by medical aid.

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