Five things you’re going to wa

Five things you’re going to want to do, and not do, before emigrating

Your reasons for heading on out of SA are your own, but there are a few things you might not have considered an integral part of the move.

Five things you’re going to wa

So you’ve finally decided to “pack for Perth” and a start a new life in another part of the world. You now want to share this exciting bit of news with your family and friends as you prepare to leave South Africa with its faltering economy and political instability. Do take these 5 things into consideration before you leave:

  • Do not badmouth the country, don’t say things that will make those who are staying behind feel like “bad parents” or “stupid” for not sharing your views on the country’s future. Remember that people make life decisions based on different reasons and motivations and you need to respect that. Also political and social turmoil are now part of the global experience so if things don’t work out for you on the other side of the world you may want to come back!
  • Be mindful that those close to you who love you are probably trying to put on a brave face for your sake but deep down are really suffering. Be aware of their feelings of pain and loss even if you’re feeling very stressed out because you are busy packing up the house and sorting out mountains of paperwork.
  • Think hard before having “farewell parties” where everybody is supposed to be happy and excited for you but which end up feeling like a funeral wake for those who are watching you leave.
  • If you have elderly parents set them up and “trained” in the new technologies if necessary so that you can keep in touch once you leave. Help them ease into this new world of digital opportunities.
  • Remember that emigration is like uprooting a tree and you will leave a big hole behind. Your life and that of your loved ones will never be the same again.

Leave respectfully and sensitively- it takes a long time to build relationships (as you’ll see in your new country) but you can damage them irrevocably very quickly!

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