Dogs take Twitter by storm at

Dogs take Twitter by storm at the #GE15

Our favourite Twitter hashtag to come out of the General Elections is not #GE15 – but #dogsatpollingstations.

Dogs take Twitter by storm at

It turns out that Britain is a land of animal lovers.

The #dogsatpollingstations hashtag started this morning with a discussion by animal lovers about whether or not their ‘best friend’ could accompany them into the voting booth or not.

Here is a collection of adorable “dogs for democracy” that are either patiently waiting outside – or being carried – into the voting station.

It’s a dog’s life after all!

Double trouble?!

Oh, you bet I’m the Queen.

I’m just gonna guard this sign.

I’m just gonna hang out here…

Did we have to leave the house for this? Really?!

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Ah, cute…

Why only have dogs? That’s so exclusive!

This election is all just to much!