‘Die Stem’ makes a comeback —

‘Die Stem’ makes a comeback — on Steve Hofmeyer’s new album

Steve Hofmeyr’s new album will feature a portion of ‘Die Stem’, which he says is in response to a request by his fans

‘Die Stem’ makes a comeback —

Hofmeyr has long been calling for a revival of Die Stem as a cultural song. In response to a request from his fans to record the song, he has included it on his album, which is due for release next month.

After singing Die Stem at the Innibos festival in Nelspriut last month he received a flood of both criticism and support from the public. Hofmeyr believes that his fans should continue to sing Die Stem, as he said at the concert, in front of 40 0000 fans:

“I ask that the ban on our sacred traditional song be lifted and all may be free to sing what they want, where they want, as long as it is not hate speech or preaches violence”

Watch a video of Hofmeyr’s performance of the controversial song in Nelspruit:

Hofmeyr’s album will feature a portion of Die Stem, and end the track with a sample of the crowd at Innibos.

Poet C.J. Langenhoven wrote Die Stem in 1918, and it was later put to music in 1921. For some it is a traditional patriotic song, while others see it as an anthem of apartheid.

Earlier this year, the EFF called for Die Stem to be scrapped from the national anthem, saying it “represents a white supremacist consciousness”.

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