Christmas, only three weeks to

Christmas, only three weeks to go… Are you ready?

Three weeks until Christmas, try get all the “admin” of your Christmas sorted out for you to be able to relax and enjoy the time with your family, friends and loved ones

Christmas, only three weeks to

Panic is descending across the planet as parents get more and more pressure to complete the “Santa’s Wish Lists”. The family feuds are all rearing their ugly heads and the exhaustion for fluffy adverts has taken its toll. You have drunk yourself silly to cope with the silly season but still you are not coping and it is all a little overwhelming this week.

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping calm with instalments one, two and three of this Christmas series.

Amazon Amazon Amazon

So nice we say it thrice. If you haven’t done your shopping take a breathe and sit down in front of the c0mputer and order it all. Online stores have got almost everything you could possibly want for Christmas. Click and collect services around most major cities make collecting your shopping easy and simple with a designated slot for you to collect your stuff without losing days of waiting at home for your items to be delivered.

Want to buy gifts for your family in South Africa but can’t face the postal woes? Check out some great online stores.



Few people these days don’t seem to love their favourite coffee house. If you are at a complete loss as to what to get someone, a festive gift card at their favourite coffee house goes down a treat. Especially towards the end of January where the pennies are low and people are desperate for a little warmth for the usual blizzards.


Confirm the travel plans you were going to make over the festive period. Confirm car rentals and hotels and flights. Check train journeys and any potential rail maintenance work that might have popped its ugly head since you booked your ticket. Plan for things possibly going wrong. Be prepared at least.

The tree

Get the tree up. If you will be having a real tree now is the time to get it without it dropping every needles before the big day. Make sure you look out for the best option for you. Some people like local suppliers that are not part of a chain of supermarkets while other prefer the cheaper more mass presented option. What ever you preference try get it done this week. Put the festive lights up and take a moment to start enjoying the simple moments with loved ones. An hour or two sitting with your loved ones with a festive CD of the HI-FI while laughing and taking time to enjoy each other. It is what Christmas should be about so bring back the traditions that should mean more than the plastic tat that will go under the tree.


St Martin’s in the Fields is holding a Christmas carol service on 7 December at 7:30. In fact, it is hosting a carol session or the likes almost every night from tonight until Christmas day. Around the country festive carol services will be easily found on a simple Google searches.

The Turkey

Most places have deadlines for the ordering of specific type of turkey make sure you avoid disappointment by looking over what is available and when is your last ordering date. If you are not a turkey fan as many aren’t now is the time to order the meat you want if it is specific. Hams and gammons might well require ordering to avoid disappointment.


Every theatre across the land is hosting a panto of some sort or another. Maybe check it out and see if you can drag a few friends with you. There is no fun screaming “behind you” on the tube home alone… In fact doing that might get you locked up in the funny farm for Christmas.


This time of year events and meals start flying fast and furiously. It is easy to miss a drinks event of something by double booking. Start using a diary to book in the dates and times of events to ensure you don’t miss anything

Christmas cards

These days Christmas cards seem positively retro and unique. If you are looking do posted Christmas cards, try get that wrapped up this week. This will mean they arrive in good time and you can save a few pennies by posting them second class and the cards will still arrive in good time to your UK residents. Cards to South Africa might require carrier pigeon or a FedEx delivery given the ongoing postal issues within South Africa.


Mince pies

Everywhere seems to be selling mince pies by the thousands. Try out a few different types to avoid the boredom of the usual pastry yumminess. Heston has produced his exquisite mince pies that require heating in the oven for a few minutes to help release its hidden heaven. Waitrose also has numerous other delicious options if Heston is a bit adventurous for you. But try enjoy a few this week and serve it with a warm drink and stop and sit for a while and try enjoy what this time is for. If you are able to bake your own, you will be surprised how simple and delicious a sheet of pastry and a jar of mince meat can be after just a few minutes in the oven. Many options there. Find one that suits you.


A favourite and preferred flower for this time of year is the poinsettia. Every home looks profoundly more festive with a few of these scattered around the home. Try search out one or two to try perk up your home.

The final stretch is in sight. Get all the organisation out of the way and then put your feet up and enjoy the time you have left before the big day.