Reg Bamford to speak at Breakf

Reg Bamford to speak at Breakfast Indaba at the South African Chamber of Commerce

The South African Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Indaba in London will be talking about the budget update, and what it means to individuals and small businesses

Reg Bamford to speak at Breakf

What’s great about working with other South Africans? They speak your language. They are friendly, clear, honest and direct in their business dealings and, like you, know what hard work means – and they have fun doing it. You and your business need people like that – people you can trust. The event is aimed at South African or businesses owned by South Africans, those who do business in South Africa or employ South Africans, and who simply like South Africa and its people.

The Breakfast Indaba will offer a one-minute business presentation by each business present, a presentation on educational and other opportunities by the Chamber, and a special offer to attendees who want to join the South African Chamber of Commerce. All this for £15.00. To have exclusive rights to present your chosen profession/industry please ensure you register.

Join us for our April Breakfast Indaba where Reg Bamford from Sable will be our guest speaker.

Event date: 16-04-2015 7:00am
Event end: 16-04-2015 8:30am
Individual Price: £12.50
Location: Carluccios Putney

Please note that it is Chamber policy to allow non-members the chance to attend two Breakfast Indabas before we invite you to become a member.