Australia is hot AF right now

Australia is hot AF right now

Australia is as hot as balls right now and Australians did what they do best, added some humour to cope.

Australia is hot AF right now

It’s been a real sweat fest down under…

A brutal heatwave hit Australia over the past week as temperatures reached 46 degree C (116 degrees F).

While temperatures dropped in central parts of the country, it’s still very much a concern for parts of Queensland and New South Wales (NSW).

As of yesterday, Sydney’s airport reached 42.9 degree C (109.2 degrees F) – a new record for the city for the month of February.

According to Gizmodo, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said that it is officially the hottest summer Australia’s ever seen, exceeding the previous record of 42.6 degrees C set in 1980.

Despite fire warnings, the possibility of power shortages, blackouts and overcrowded beaches, Australians are still trying to be optimistic even though they are melting away.

This officer even fried an egg on his car’s bonnet!

Meanwhile other Australians took to Twitter to share some of their thoughts:

Everyone tried their best to keep cool…

People were also asked to leave water for thirsty animals:

Humans, on the other hand, were in need of other refreshments: