Ask the experts – can Dutch ci

Ask the experts – can Dutch citizenship enable one to live and work in the UK?

Looking for options on how to live and work in the UK?

Ask the experts – can Dutch ci


My sister is based in South Africa and looking for options to enable them to live and work in the UK. Will the fact that my brother-in-law has Dutch citizenship enable them to settle in the UK?


Yes, it will indeed. Any citizen of an EU country taking up residence in the UK in accordance with EU treaty rights is entitled to bring their family with them. ‘Family’ includes a spouse, children under 21 years and any other family members who are part of the same household and remain dependent upon the EU citizen.

All non-EU members of the family accompanying the EU citizen to the UK can apply for an EEA Family Permit.

The main advantage of this type of visa is that there are no work restrictions on the holder of the visa or their dependants and it can lead to permanent residence in the UK.

Your sister is welcome to get in touch with one of our SA affiliate offices, as they will be able to further assist them with the EEA visa application. or