Bell-Pottinger-PR expelled

Credit – RR Wire

Apology not accepted: London’s SA community will protest at Bell Pottinger offices on Friday

The nightmare continues for the Gupta puppets, whose apology has fallen completely flat

Bell-Pottinger-PR expelled

Credit – RR Wire

The protest has been organised by DA Abroad chairman Will van der Merwe, who is trying to mobilise and market the campaign with the #JoiningTheDots hashtag.

Speaking to, van der Merwe revealed what was planned and how the demonstration would play out.

The Bell Pottinger offices are in a rather plush area of Central London – Holborn, to be precise – and any South Africans living in the English capital are invited to protest BP’s attempts to whip up racial tension in our country.

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The chairman says that the main event will begin at approximately 5 pm on Friday, and will last for at least two hours: This way, most people won’t be forced to compromise their work schedule to attend.

Van der Merwe has stressed that this isn’t a party-political event; although it is DA organised, the chairman says this issue transcends political allegiance and its about taking a united stand as South Africans against a company that tried to divide us.

Mr van der Merwe explained that they need more than just an apology from BP:

“They’ve supported a regime that is corrupt and that is damaging the country. Not only are they affecting the social stability of the country, they’re also affecting economic stability.”

“They have apologised but it is not enough. We actually have three calls that we are putting forth to them: One of them is to respond to the complaint, one of them is to give a full and complete disclosure on their website and that is of all their dealings with the Gupta’s and the Zuma faction…”

“…The third is to donate or contribute all the funds from the arrangement with Gupta-related companies to South African schools and education, so to turn something from a negative to a positive.”

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The DA Abroad representative was confident that the protest would have the desired effect: He believes that London-based South Africans can capitalise on the activism that has already forced Bell Pottinger to put their social media on lock-down, and harness celebrity support from the likes of Piers Morgan.

So, to recap: Friday, 5 pm, Bell Pottinger offices, Holborn. If BP has offended your country and your values, show them that an apology is not nearly enough.