Album Review |’Three Second Me

Album Review |’Three Second Memory’ – Goldfish

Globally renowned South African DJ duo Goldfish return to London to perform their explosive live show at Electric Brixton on Sunday 20 April. We review their latest album, ‘Three Second Memory’.

Album Review |’Three Second Me

Three secondListening to a DJ album is akin to following a sporting event by reading live text; or comparing the witnessing of the stage performance of a play with perusal of the script; different formats, different experiences.

So when Dominic Peters and David Poole of Goldfish transfer their live performances to LPs, is there any chance that the look, the feel, the energy and the immediacy will transmit to the listener via electronic media?

The answer is “yes, but”. The success of Goldfish as a band, as talented musicians, and as DJs proves that hard work on the road and in the studio(s) has paid off. It is no accident that the boys from Cape Town have generated sufficient material to fill a fourth album. Being multi instrumentalists gives them the capacity to add the fills, the links and generally bring together the loops and the riffs into cohesive and original tracks. Having performed together for the best part of a decade and toured worldwide with notable residencies in the home of house, Ibiza, over many summers, they have absorbed many influences from others, some of whom are now collaborators.

So it is no surprise that their latest release, Three Second Memory, is a polished set of songs with enough familiarity to gain acceptance, and sufficient originality to keep the listener wanting more.

Where to start? Obviously the title track, which takes the vocal sample ‘Remember Me’ and builds around it to a level which justifies its standing as the basis of the album. Other highlights include ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ which is a clap-along with memorable lyrics and organ and sax breaks.

‘Moonwalk’ and ‘Trees and Jets’ feature haunting layers building together in a style reminiscent of Art Of Noise. Vincent Price is resuscitated following his MJ Thriller star role to ‘Drive Them Back To Darkness’ with a superb sax solo and some jazz piano.

The album is rounded off by a remix of ‘Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)’. ‘Groovy, groovy, jazzy, funky’, no doubt, the original is not messed about too much, thus introducing a new generation to the Us3 classic.

So why should you seek out this album? The highlight of the set is simply worth it alone. Though don’t download just this track, It is a standout and warrants your time (and cash). ‘One Million Views – feat. John Mani’ is that rare beast, an in-joke, a self-reflection and a topic which resonates. Not just a million times either. The latest count on SoundCloud and YouTube is over 1.6m.

Lyrics: One million views by Goldfish

My video made the news


I hitched a ride on a rocket to the moon
(When I) showboat along to somebody else’s tune

Tables have turned – Lesson learned – It’s rotten to the core    

Premixed is all that I use

Self deprecation is fine, but the performers need the humility to bring it off successfully, along with the the talent to justify the mirror upon themselves. Or is this a dig at other DJs? Only Goldfish know. And they have a ‘Three Second Memory’.

By Tim Hillyer

Goldfish appear at the Electric, Brixton on Sunday 20 April. A few tickets are still available. 



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