South African TV ads

8 South African TV ads that bring back floods of memories

Nothing comes close to the humour and originality of South African TV ads.

South African TV ads

When you were a kid there were always awesome South African TV ads and jingles getting stuck in your head.

Here are eight of my favourite South African ads from my childhood that are guaranteed to bring back some memories.

1. Cadbury’s Chomp – Big Mouth

Most kids of the 80s will remember this ad very fondly – the baby hippo being teased by his dad that he isn’t big enough to eat a Chomp bar, only for him to steal it away at the last minute. Smallest chocolates in the world, but being made out to be huge – typical advertising!

2. Cremora – It’s not inside it’s on top

When anyone thinks of South African TV ads, this is probably the one that most people remember! The frantic man searching for his Cremora, in a panic until his wife shouts out at him that “It’s not inside, it’s on top”.

3. Vodacom – You’re always in touch

Back in the days when cell phones were new and exciting, this ad was hilarious! And look at the size of those phones!

4. Fiat Panda – Those who drive them love them

One that always made you laugh, although these days I’m not sure how politically correct this one would be!

5. Spur – Taste for life

The clothes, the hair, the horror! This is 80s TV advertising at its finest. And just look at those prices!

6. TV Bar

Who doesn’t remember this classic South African ad? Two school boys in a bus shelter on a rainy day dreaming of a delicious TV Bar.

7. Sasol – Pump up your performance

Windie, windie, windie, windie, windie! Paying tribute to all the major sports teams of the day, this ad is sure to get stuck in your head.

8. Nandos – Taunt your taste buds

Banned when it was first released, this advert is a true Nando’s classic. They were forced to change the ending of the advert after a few people complained that it was offensive to the blind community but as with everything on the internet –these things last forever!