8 of the greatest first-time e

8 of the greatest first-time encounters with biltong

We all remember our first time with biltong…

8 of the greatest first-time e

This article is brought to you by Barefoot Biltong – Bringing the taste of South Africa to the UK

While the uneducated may simply describe biltong as dried, salted meat, to a South African biltong is a national treasure.

It is kind of like what the hot dog is to the American, just tastier and better.

Biltong the way it’s meant to be.

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For those of us raised under the Southern African sun, biltong is prized as one of our best-tasting memories. This is why when far from home, we attempt to smuggle it across borders or even make it ourselves.

Some, like Barefoot Biltong, have catered for the troops of salivating South Africans in the UK by stocking up on everything South Africans miss most from the motherland.

But biltong is not a South African delicacy enjoyed by South Africans alone, it’s an unforgettable experience for every biltong virgin. And not just the first time, but the next, and the next, and the next.

1. “Biltong tastes like the lovechild of jerky and prosciutto”

This was Fox News’ verdict after sampling some delicious biltong in the US.

2. “It’s like the stained glass of meat”

This was Buzzfeed’s reaction to tasting biltong for the first time.

Americans Try South African Snacks

3. Biltong is ‘South African’ for “the greatest beef jerky you’ve ever had in your entire life”

Thank you, Thrillist. I’m glad we’ve cleared up the fact that biltong is far greater than beef jerky.

4. “Biltong comes from the Afrikaans word meaning, ‘meat left out in the sunshine for a year or two till someone suddenly remembers they never brought it in again'”

Fortunately this was a parody written by the Independent describing French people chewing on biltong for the first time.

What they didn’t mention (or failed to admit) is that even after two years it still tasted good!

5. “Biltong is the land of the great meat”

The cast of Duck Dynasty tried “African jerky” on one of their shows. Take a look:

6. “Biltong is like having a juicy steak in your back pocket ready for consumption”

Yes please. According the The Travel Bite, biltong “packs a punch of umami and leaves you craving more”. We couldn’t agree more.

7. “It’s pretty much addicting, I can’t seem to stop myself over here”

Ah America…

Eating Biltong taste test in South Africa

8. “Looks like fried crocodiles”


Reddit users shared their thoughts on biltong, as well as the best spots to buy it in the UK.

Barefoot Biltong is an online South African Shop based in East Yorkshire that specialises in everything South African from Castle Lager, to Boerewors, to Biltong, in an attempt to rekindle the taste of Southern Africa for all those expats, but also to convert the taste buds of the British population.