Moving? How to make sure you c

Moving? How to make sure you choose the right moving company

Moving is not for the faint-hearted. Make sure you choose the correct moving company by following some of these suggestions from a moving expert.

Moving? How to make sure you c

We spoke to the experts at Stuttaford Van Lines about their suggestions for ways to make choosing your mover as pain-free as possible.

1. Get recommendations

There’s nothing quite as reliable as word of mouth recommendations. Ask people you know who have been through similar moves or research online which companies come out tops.

The company you select should be registered and have all necessary certifications for quality, environment and security.

Because different moving companies cater to certain specifications, ensure that you get a quote from a company that meets your requirements.

2. Get a quote

Once you have shortlisted the companies that would best suit your moving needs, get a realistic and accurate quote.

The quote you receive should include clear, detailed information, it should be easy to read, with no hidden or miscellaneous costs added, and VAT should be included. Make sure that all services you may need, such as packing materials, labour costs and insurance costs are included in the quote.

3. Make sure your moving company is FIDI accredited

A FIDI-FAIM certification ensures that international movers have a periodic independent assessment of their inter-continental moving activities which is conducted through an independent audit performed every three years.

This ensures that FIDI companies work to a worldwide common standard and clients can be assured of excellence in management and performance from FIDI companies. It functions as a transparent mechanism that ensures that moving standards remain high.

4. Find out what you get for your money

Remember to ask the company you select about terminal and port charges, unpacking fees and if they offer temporary storage.

Remember that when you arrive in your new city or country, there may be a period of time when you are living in rented or temporary accommodation. Find out if this will affect your moving costs.

5. Check your dates

If possible, try to schedule your move outside of peak moving times or summer time when moving is more expensive. See if the company you have chosen offers discounted rates for out of season moves.

6. Find a moving company that speaks your language

Moving is stressful enough without relying on your high school French classes to help you understand what your moving company is saying. If you are moving abroad, to a place where English isn’t readily spoken, make sure your moving company offers a multi-lingual service.

7. Technology rocks

Moving companies these days should offer some sort of tracking that can be done from a phone or device. Find a company that offers a tracking service so that you know where your goods are at all times.

8. Smaller details

A company that uses high-quality packing materials and has a neat and organised appearance will most probably take better care of your things than a company with a bad website and a messy approach to moving.

Select a removal company that looks like it loves doing what it does and will prioritise the safety of your goods.