Moving abroad: Five common pit

Moving abroad: Five common pitfalls to avoid

It’s been said time and again – moving abroad is not for the faint-hearted. But to make your move slightly easier, try to avoid these common mistakes.

Moving abroad: Five common pit

We spoke to the moving experts at Advance about ways to make a big move as stress-free as possible.

1. Do your research

Research when moving abroad is vital. You can’t know everything before you move, but the more you know, the better.

This refers to research about schooling, whether or not you can take pets, what is allowed and what is not allowed in your new country, costs of living and accommodation and medical schemes.

2. Pack correctly

Because you will be in limbo for a bit when you depart and then when you arrive at your new destination, make sure that you only ship what is not going to be needed for a few months.

Be sure to leave out important documents, some children’s home comforts, and enough clothing and toiletries to see you through the limbo period.

3. Budget carefully

Being ill-prepared financially is one of the biggest pitfalls of a big move. Make sure you know how much you will get in exchange for your currency, and that you factor into the move all the hidden costs and expenses such as hotel accommodation and setting up wifi connections.

4. Declutter before moving abroad

Taking each and every single belonging is not only unnecessary, but it is costly. Don’t waste money shipping items that can easily and reasonably be replaced when you arrive at your new destination.

Consider selling large items like couches and beds before departure. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ditch your CD collection and the books that have been gathering dust for the last decade.

5. Organise accommodation

Remember to organise accommodation for the time between moving out of your house and departing the country. Also, don’t forget to book accommodation in your new location so that you have some breathing room before you find a home.

This will also give you the opportunity to visit areas you are interested in calling home so that you can make a more calculated choice about your new suburb.

Advance Worldwide Removals can’t do ALL the work for you, but they can make your move as simple, safe, and dare we say, enjoyable as possible.