The United States isn’t as far

The United States isn’t as far away as some South Africans might think

The US is no new frontier for South Africans looking to move abroad, but never before has it been more attractive and accessible.

The United States isn’t as far

The United States is home to almost 100 000 South Africans, with expats settling the land of the free as of the mid 20th century. Most of those leaving Mzanzi for the US did so – and continue to do so – in search of political and financial stability as well as a relatively safer environment to raise a family. That said, many young people find the US’ pop culture and cultural history almost irresistible.

Now, while natural beauty and climate are hardly reasons to ditch SA for the US, the differences in culture – the US’ Westernised culture can be a very appealing draw – appeals to many. Besides that, the States has the world’s most advanced education system in terms of quality; general healthcare is on par with South Africa’s private healthcare industry and job opportunities are plenty… when compared to South Africa.

While South African expats are spread over most of the major centres throughout the US, Midwestern states like Illinois, Minnesota and Georgia have some pretty well-established expat communities; subsequently, Mzanzi’s food culture has taken hold in many of these areas and spread from there on out. That said, the US’ food culture has pretty much colonised most of the world and South Africans won’t exactly find it hard to adapt to the old favourites.

For those getting a little homesick though, Rooibos tea, biltong, bobotie and even vetkoek are just some of the local favourites that have made their way into US stores… oh and don’t forget about our most popular export, Nando’s.

Basically, the United States is a pretty neat place if you’re looking to broaden your horizons a little, or start over with your family. The sheer size of the country makes it well worth exploring and with so many experts able to help you get there, it’s accessible too.

According to immigration expert Grant Kaplan, “the main reasons for doing so tend to be to provide a better future for their kids, security reasons and a continual slide in their standard of living and feeling of well being.”

“We have successfully assisted hundreds of South African families to relocate to the USA over the last 20 years. South Africans tend to adjust well once they have adapted to the USA way of life and we assist wherever we can, in addition to processing the necessary visas and Green Cards. We are very user friendly and chat to our clients socially years after they have become US citizens!”