The three best holidays to cel


The three best holidays to celebrate in the United States

If there’s one thing Americans know how to do, it’s celebrating. Elaborate holiday celebrations punctuate each year. Here are our top three.

The three best holidays to cel


We spoke to the immigration experts at Grant Kaplan to see which holidays expats most enjoy celebrating once they move to the States. The list was long, so we chose the top three.

Independence Day – 4th of July

This holiday is well known around the world but celebrated by Americans at the peak of the summer holidays.

It usually involves barbeques and fireworks and swimming and is a great way for Americans to feel connected to their country and its citizens.


Nothing says ‘American holiday’ quite like Thanksgiving.

It’s a holiday that is recognised across the States, and arguably the most family-orientated day on the US calendar. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

The holiday involves food, and decorations and thankfulness, with some American football to finish off the day. It’s said that football on Thanksgiving has become as essential as turkey and mashed potatoes.


Christmas is huge in the States. Everywhere you go, you will find Christmas decorations, and malls and streets become filled with busy shoppers preparing for the day.

Parts of America that experience colder climes, may enjoy a white Christmas, which is every expat’s dream, and represents what so many people associate with Christmas.

Once you’ve experienced a North American Christmas, it is hard to return to the hot and sweaty Christmases most Antipodeans are so familiar with.

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Othe popular holidays are Halloween, St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day.

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