Part 3: The first five steps t


Part 3: The first five steps to take when moving to America

So, you’re moving to America. Now what?

Part 3: The first five steps t


In this three-part series, we will seek the advice of the immigration specialists from Grant Kaplan. We asked about the first five steps one should take when moving to America. Here’s what they suggested.

Visit America before moving

Before you can really be sure about moving to America, you will need to visit the country to make sure that you can imagine yourself putting down roots there. Don’t rely on what you have heard from people – it is best to experience the place yourself to determine its pros and cons.

If possible, extend your visit to a few different states in order to determine which one would suit you and your family best. If you can arrange job interviews over this time, that is even better!

Get a US Visa

The application process can be quite tiresome, so it is best to begin this process well in advance of your move. Getting the help you need from a reputable immigration company can make all the difference as you will be guided through the process by experts.

If you are moving to America to study, you will need to apply for a Student Visa.

Tie up loose ends at home

Once you have your visa, it will be time for you to start preparing practically (and emotionally) for the move abroad.

You will need to pay bills, stop your home services, inform people of your decision to move. You will need to organize all the necessary documentation and buy aeroplane tickets.

Move your things

If you are shipping your personal belongings to the States, you will need to organise for a container. Again, ensure you make use of the services of a reputable company that offers insurance and has a good record.

Check how much luggage you can take on the aeroplane with you – tell the airline you are moving to America – and find out what excess luggage costs, just in case.

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Once you’re in the States

Once you arrive, you will need to get a Social Security number, set up a bank account and find somewhere to live.

Break these down into easy to handle tasks, and seek the help of friends, family or professionals where necessary.

You will also need to get some medical insurance as well as set up new utilities at your place of residence. Chat to your new neighbours about what services they use – this will help with accountability and will also ensure that the service is available in that area.

Moving to America can be difficult, but will assistance and step-by-step guidance it needn’t be overwhelming. The professionals at Grant Kaplan can help make the move to the US easier and less time consuming and stressful. They have years of experience dealing with people wanting to relocate to the States and will be able to help you each step of the way. Tel +1 561 347 8440 or email