Moving abroad: The five most e

Moving abroad: The five most expat-friendly cities in the US

Considering moving to the US but not sure where to live? This guide to the most-loved expat cities should help you decide.

Moving abroad: The five most e

Although expats settle all over the States, there are some urban centres that are just a little more expat-friendly than others. The reasons for this differ, but most commonly, these cities are places that are multi-cultural and offer a variety of work opportunities.

We spoke to immigration specialist Grant Kaplan to find out which cities rank highest as some of the easiest for expats to settle.

Expat-friendly city number 1: New York City

You guessed it. New York is one of the most popular places for expats to settle. It is a melting pot of cultures and religions, with a rich immigrant history.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the main attractions in New York and stands as a symbol for immigrants and change. What you have heard about the city is most likely true. It’s busy, can be cut-throat and requires dogged determination if you want to ‘make it’, but for expats, this can be exhilarating, and because of its multi-cultural nature, you will feel less like an outsider.

2. San Francisco

On the other side of the States in northern California is San Fran, a liberal mecca for immigrants. Although it has a reputation for liberalism as it was the home of the Beat Generation and a hub for hippies, its proximity to Silicon Valley makes it a good destination for people seeking employment in the technology sector.

3. Chicago

Chicago, with its beautiful buildings and trendy lifestyle, was once best known as an industrial centre which provided work for immigrants and locals alike.

Immigrant populations in the city range from Middle Eastern to Scandinavian, and although its industrial image has changed, it is considered the commercial centre of the American Midwest.

4. Miami

If you’re looking for a climate that most closely represents an antipodean one, Florida is the expat-friendly place for you.

With its warm temperatures and beautiful beaches, Miami is a desirable place for expats to live, and its Cuban influence and art-deco buildings make it as interesting as it is beautiful.

5. Los Angeles

LA also offers a more temperate climate, and because of all of the business opportunities, it is a popular destination for expats looking for work.

It’s a recognisable city and one that is home to many expats looking for a new life and a chance to make it big. And although it is best-known because of Hollywood, that’s certainly not all the city has to offer.

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