Join a seminar this week to he


Join a seminar this week to help with a move to the USA

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Join a seminar this week to he


When can you meet one of the US’s top immigration lawyers?

If you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban from 9 – 16 May 2019, Grant Kaplan and his team, normally based in Boca Raton in Florida, would like to meet you face-to-face and help you with any immigration issues or queries you may have.

Are you eligible?

Grant Kaplan and his associates will also be interested in meeting business owners and investors during their trip to South Africa.

The presentations will focus on investors wanting to get Green Cards. They will also be holding individual appointments for business people.

Tel +1 561 347 8440 or visit or email to set up a meeting.

The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan

The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan have extensive experience in a variety of areas related to immigration law. They work with a number of experts to help find effective and creative solutions to immigration issues, such as employment-based visas, family-based visas, Green cards, and citizenship.

The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan offer the services of an attorney with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of immigration law. In addition, they have an entire legal team at their clients’ disposal – most of whom were born outside of the United States. Their personal experiences with the immigration process give them unique insight into the law and enable empathy for their clients, as they have faced similar issues and experiences themselves.

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