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US immigration: Is it more difficult to get a green card after Trump?

Trump’s views on immigration are much-publicised, so what does his position as President of the USA mean to the Green Card Lottery and the people who wish to win it?

US Mid Terms


Most recently, it was the news of an attack in New York that had USA’s president, Donald Trump, declaring a proposed end to the Green Card Lottery.

President Trump lay the blame, initially, at the feet of the Democrats, who backed bipartisan legislation in 1990 that created the visa programme that allowed applications for a Green Card.

At the time of the attack, Trump was quoted as saying, “We are fighting hard for Merit-Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher.”

So what does this mean for the Green card lottery?

Analysts have argued that people let into the country via the Green Card Lottery most often offer a completely different set of skills from the average American. If job security is what Americans fear, the more diverse the people are who are granted entry into the country, the less likely Americans are to lose their jobs to these people.

Whilst the nay-sayers argue that the American pie is being devoured by every new immigrant let into the country, economists are saying that instead, these immigrants offer a diversified workforce and, ironically, add to and sweeten the pie, making it even bigger and better.

And whilst Trump’s suggestion of a ‘merit-based’ process may appear fairer than a random lottery draw, the Diversity Visa Lottery stipulates that applicants have high-calibre credentials in order to apply.

Of course, Trump’s declared opposition to immigration has meant a decrease in Green Card Lottery entries, but despite several legislative proposals, immigration law has not changed tremendously. This means that the number of people entering the lottery has lessened and therefore increased the odds of winning.

The future of the Green Card Lottery, whilst supported by a majority of American economists, is not certain, and if ever there was a time to apply for the lottery, this would be it.

How to apply for the Green Card Lottery

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