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How will the Trump administration affect US immigration?

Obtaining visas and Green Cards in the new era of the Trump administration has become a more cumbersome and pedantic process.

US Mid Terms


If you are considering emigrating to the United States and are wondering how the Trump administration may affect your application and approval, we chatted to some immigration experts about particular visas, and when you should go about applying for a Green Card.

For those who are eligible under the DACA program (deferred action for childhood arrivals) and those with Temporary Protected Status, these programmes will, unfortunately, come to an end shortly.

For those in the business visa categories and related Green Card application, the processes are taking longer and there will also be ‘extreme vetting’ in some cases as well as interviews with the applicants before the requisite Green Cards are approved.

If you are a business person or wish to invest in the USA, there are options for you and you should make an inquiry about these. As with everything else related to immigration in the USA presently, these are subject to change relatively quickly.

Of course, those that are from the ‘Terrible 26’ countries (which are mostly Muslim countries), will have additional issues to deal with.

For everyone who is considering a visa or Green Card, now is the time to prepare and file these, as things do not look like they will be improving anytime soon.

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