How to open a bank account in

How to open a bank account in the US without a social security number

Opening a bank account in the US is important, but how can you do this without a social security number?

How to open a bank account in

 We spoke to the experts at Grant Kaplan about how easy it is to open a bank account in the US as a non-citizen or non-resident.

Why open a US bank account? 

Having a bank account is a necessity in the US. You need one to rent a house or apartment, buy a home, establish a credit rating, and to keep your money safe. 

If you are new to the States, though, getting set up with a bank account can seem intimidating and complicated. 

Opening an account without a social security number

It is possible to open a US bank account as a non-citizen and non-resident, but this is not true of all banks. The requirements also differ from bank to bank and state to state, so you will need to ascertain what is necessary for the state in which you live. 

What you will need is a personal tax identification number, or an ITIN, which you request from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

What you need to open a bank account if you don’t have a social security number: 

  • a valid US visa
  • proof of address, such as an electricity bill
  • photo identification, such as a passport
  • ITIN from the IRS

You will need to visit the bank in person – as a non-resident, you cannot apply for a bank account online. As with most bureaucratic endeavours, make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork before you visit the bank. 

Opening a corporate bank account

There is also the option of opening a corporate bank account. This is a convenient option if you do business in the US and receive online payments there.

Registered companies will be given and EIN which is similar to a social security number, but for companies. Speak to the company who has hired you to receive more guidance on opening a corporate bank account, as this is an affordable option for non-residents.

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