Four things South Africans mig

Four things South Africans might find strange about the US

America has some things that may take some getting used to.

Four things South Africans mig

If you’re planning a visit or maybe even a big move to the United States there are a few things that we Saffas might find a bit odd about life in the states. Together with the emigration experts over at Grant Kaplan American Immigration Lawyers, we’ve put together our list of things that would leave most South Africans with a furrowed brow.

The prices you see aren’t the real prices

If you love doing complex addition and multiplication while trying to find the cheapest toilet paper at the supermarket, then the US is the place for you! Most displayed prices don’t include tax; that’s added when you get to the till to pay. If you’re on a budget, take a calculator or go equipped with Mensa-level maths skills.

Get a doctor from a park bench

Advertising for prescription medication, especially on television, is a big deal in America. Do doctors hand over prescriptions for anything the patient asks for? Should the general public be deciding which medications they take or should that be left to the people who actually went to medical school? Similarly, it’s completely commonplace to see health care professionals and lawyers advertise their services. It seems strange to entrust your health and freedom to someone you found on a poster on the subway.

More is more is more  

The food and drink portion sizes are huge in the states. They’re a generous bunch when it comes to getting bang for your buck. As a people, we love our food and are no shrinking violets when it comes to a braai chop, but even our hearty South African appetites might struggle a bit with the American super-super-super-sized. Thankfully there are always leftovers, so prepare to have no shortage of midnight snacks in the States.

Have a break

If you get annoyed with the two minutes of ads between scenes of 7de Laan, you’re not going to love watching television in the States. The average ad break is about five minutes and they’re more frequent than they are here. A 30-minute show could easily have 15 minutes of ad breaks in between. On the plus side, there is plenty of time to make cups of tea or even write that report you have due.    


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